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About Craft Tax Services

Eric G. Allred, E.A.
Enrolled Agent/Tax Accountant/Owner

Eric Allred is an Enrolled Agent licensed to practice before the Internal Revenue Service who assists both business owners and ordinary people who need help navigating the IRS and negotiating their tax bills. He is proficient in assisting clients with IRS related problems including: developing payment plans, negotiating settlement agreements, "Offers in Compromise", reviewing and responding to IRS notices, and obtaining account transcripts.   Partnering with CEOs, Executives, and Solopreneurs, he transforms their bookkeeping into meaningful reports. Those reports can be used to run their businesses and obtain the capital they need to make them grow.  After spending two decades preparing tax returns and submitting compliance reporting for thousands of clients, Eric knows just how difficult the government can be.  With over 25,000 hours under his belt, he has the experience needed to help his clients save money on their taxes.  He connects with people from all walks of life, working with them so they can don't have to navigate the tax road alone.

Eric has clientele from throughout the United States, most from the midwest and central states.  He specializes in working with business owners of Auto Repair and Mechanic Shops along with Medical Doctors and those who have Home-Based Businesses.  He is also a Registered Tax Return Preparer and is trained in various bookkeeping systems.  He lives in Jackson, Missouri with his wife Melinda and their three children.  Eric owns and manages the Craft Tax Services office in Jackson, Missouri.

Eric holds a Bachelor's of Business Administration from Southeast Missouri State University and has taken numerous courses through Keiser Online University in Florida.



Eric G. Allred, E.A.

Enrolled Agent/Tax Accountant/Owner

I am committed to helping you run your business so it doesn't run you!

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